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There are moments that you would like to embrace the entire world. Great children's birthday parties and other festive days are a good reason to do so.

With our ONE WORLD gift wrapping paper, you can put your arms around the world, just like that. Designed like a swarm picture, it is a declaration of love to our wonderful Earth. And the best of it is: A lovely gift hides beneath it. That brings even warmer embraces.

With more than 250 hand-coloured detailed drawings, ONE WORLD presents many landmarks and interesting sights around the world. This way, our children's world map wrapping paper not only invites you to unpack it, but after that also to start packing and travel. Trips with your finger on our map open a new world of exciting holiday stories to share around the family table starting with ... “I once travelled ...”

And once you are done with the story-telling, ONE WORLD is ideal for binding school textbooks (e.g. geography, history), travel books, or as a framed poster for the children's room.

  • Packing, giving, travelling - our ONE WORLD wrapping paper offers a world of exciting gift fun for our most beloved ones on this planet from 7 to 107 years old - and is a gift of its own.
  • Great year-round wrapping paper perfect for toy stores, children's clothing stores and bookstores, as well as for nature, science and experimental museums.

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