4 Seasons (45) - Gift wrap assortment


Because every season has something to give us...

No kind of design delights children and adults more than a hidden puzzle picture. All the hilarious situations to discover alone are a present in themselves. There’s always something new to surprise you and you can spend hours gazing at individual scenes – either with your children, grandchildren or by yourself.

It’s the same with our new 4 SEASONS gift paper. Have you seen the stork? The cow on skates? Or maybe the bird, who’s stunned to have found an Easter egg in its nest. How wonderful a surprise it is when you remember that behind the 4 Seasons there’s always something new to discover – the present.

  • You can use the 4-SEASONS gift wrap at any time of year, whether it’s the big celebrations like birthdays, Easter or Christmas or for surprise gifts in between.
  • Suitable for everybody with a sense of humour who likes discovering things, from age 2 to 122.

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