Bringing joy to others - especially to children - is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

One place where we experienced this joy was our toy shop, one of the first speciality shops for wooden toys in Germany in the 70s. Even then, we used gift wrap paper to wrap the toys our customers bought - much to their delight. But with time, we noticed that the supply of beautiful gift wrap for children was very limited. What's more, the paper often tore when we tried to wrap wooden toys, which were often heavy and angular.

Kind mit Geschenkpäckchen
Motiv Brummel Braun

This dilemma led to us designing (since we are, after all, designers by nature) our first own gift wrap paper, named "Brummel". The colourful, playful little bears were printed on dark brown, extremely tear-resistant kraft paper using a special method. Our customers were thrilled, and the markedly stronger paper no longer tore on our wrapping table. Word of our success began to spread. Soon, the first fellow retailers approached us and asked if they could buy our gift wrap paper.

In 1996, that demand resulted in the foundation of Disegno as a family enterprise specialising in gift wrap paper for kids and teens. Today we ship our unique gift wrap paper to over 40 countries, where it continues to delight customers, especially kids.

Over the years, "Brummel" has been joined by more than 30 other gift wrap designs that are...

  • so pretty, colourful and striking that they bring joy even before the gift is unwrapped;
  • so sturdy and smooth that they hold up to the daily demands of a busy speciality shop gift wrap counter without tearing at the slightest mistake;.
  • so unique that kids love to use the paper for crafts after unwrapping their presents, instead of carelessly tossing it in the rubbish bin;
  • made using environmentally friendly, resource-efficient production methods;
  • so distinctive that they soon become a shop's trademark.

By the way, we only sell our gift wrap paper directly to specialist shops instead of selling wholesale.

disegno Messestand
Weihnachtsmann mit Schlitten

Oh yes, as our customers already know: of course we also ship directly to Christ child, Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, the Easter Bunny and "other gift givers" who wish to remain anonymous.

P.S.: By the way, our original toy shop has a new owner today, who, of course, uses Disegno gift wrap paper and is known all over town for it.