Gift wrap with your company logo - your business card to customers and recipients.

Increase the advertising impact of your favourite design by adding your company logo to: gift wrap paper, paper shopping bags and/or gift certificates and enjoy the following advantages:

  • your favourite Disegno design will more quickly become your shop's trademark symbol
  • the designs arouse curiosity and create affection
  • you stand out in a positive way and raise your profile
  • word gets out about your special wrapping service
  • thanks to the excellent long-range effect of our designs you will be seen everywhere
  • it serves as a friendly introduction to potential new customers among recipients' friends and family
Taschengalerie mit Firmeneindruck

In order to provide this service at an attractive price we combine all logo orders and print them in two runs:

Production for Last order date Delivery
Spring 10 February mid-April
Autumn 20 August end of October
Rollenpapier mit Firmeneindruck
Tragetaschen mit Firmeneindruck
Gutscheine mit Firmeneindruck