- the "Everything for Kids Portal".

Our portal allows parents, grandparents, friends and relatives to find unique speciality retailers for toys, children's books, children's clothing and children's furniture - right in their neighbourhood. Simply enter your postal code or city to discover with one click the nearest speciality retailer that offers a premium shopping experience and expert advice in addition to a well thought out assortment. - why?

Unlike online shops, an owner-operated speciality shop upgrades its locality, city, and region. It fills the downtown high streets with life and makes the city an attractive place to live. Salaries, rent, taxes and other dues paid by the shop help to preserve the economic power of the city or municipality. More and more people recognise that connection and want to strengthen their region with their purchases. Many customers - especially in the children's market - also appreciate receiving professional local advice. It minimises bad buys, and with it, the unnecessary returns that are the norm for online purchases. And... shopping at an attractive, local speciality shop is fun!

With, we support our speciality retailer customers online and offer them an additional "shop window" - free of charge!