Gift Certificates

No other gift has a higher guarantee of bringing a customer to your shop than a gift certificate. That's why first impressions are especially important here. A beautiful gift certificate made from valuable paper underscores your shop's quality and offers additional advantages:

  • Recipients turn into attractive new customers.
  • Exchanges are kept to a minimum, as the recipient selects his or her own gift.
  • You increase revenues because recipients typically buy articles that cost more than the value of the gift certificate.
  • You generate income before any goods are actually delivered.
  • Time-intensive product consulting is delayed until the gift certificate is redeemed, which is almost always after the busy holiday shopping periods.

Our tip: add your logo.

Your logo on the gift certificate increases both its value and its effect.

Company logo imprint

Geschenkgutschein mit Firmeneindruck

Additional tips:

  • Increase your gift certificate sales by placing gift certificates in a highly visible area near the cash register, for example, inside a small picture frame. That way it is easy to hang where your customers can see it.
  • Your gift certificate will be even better received if you put it in a suitable envelope. We offer those as gift bags, as follows:

In order to provide this service at an attractive price we combine all logo orders and print them in two runs:

Gift Certificate Format Gift bags that can be used as an envelope
Large gift certificate (L) A5 Geschenkbeutel, Klein (S)
Geschenk-Small gift certificate (S) A6 Geschenkbeutel, Mini (XS)

These motives are available as Gift certificates :


My Baby


Grimms Fairy Tales

Christmas Market



Kinder - Kinder

Children & Teenager

Flower Power



Crazy Party

Wildlife / Safari

Reading Owls



Teenager & Adults

Time to read

Blue Ocean