Customers will remember an exceptional gift wrap paper.

The ambience of a speciality shop has a much greater impact on its success today than just a few years ago. The product range, the personality of the owners and employees and the service are a shop's distinguishing qualities.

However, service and ambience are intangible. As soon as the customer leaves the shop, all that remains of both is a memory. The same is not true for gift wrap: if its value, design and sensibility reflect the central facets of your shop it becomes a "souvenir" of a unique shop - your shop!


Gift wrap paper becomes your most popular advertisement

Turn your shop's popular gift-wrapping service into its best asset: successful advertising. Disegno's exceptional gift wrap paper achieves much more than to simply wrap a newly purchased gift... it becomes a symbol of a unique shopping experience.
A symbol of ...

  • your shop's exceptional quality
  • your appreciation of the customer
  • competent, knowledgeable advice
  • a pleasant shopping ambience
  • a gift selected with love
  • the value of the gift

Your favourite design on everything

We offer gift wrap paper, shopping bags, gift bags, gift certificates and gift tags in your favourite design. This helps your shop to present a uniform, distinctive appearance. We offer:

  • Gift wrap counter rolls with a width of 30, 50, 70 and 100 cm
  • Paper shopping bags in 4 sizes
  • Gift bags in 5 formats
  • Gift certificates
  • and gift tags

Our tip:

Keep your design for at least 6-10 years. That gives your favourite design time to be recognised around town. Advice that many of our customers have been following for years.

In addition, we also offer essential wrapping accessories, such as cotton and polyester ribbon, a mobile wrapping table and dispensers for counter rolls.


Our designs are created by hand.

As important as quality and environmental commitment are to us, design is at the core of our gift wrap paper. It takes an experienced team of designers to turn kraft paper into a unique gift wrap.

One secret behind our designs is our love for creating them by hand. Whereas designs created on a computer often appear cold, impersonal and flat, Disegno's designs are created on a drawing board using pencils and brushes and a variety of colours and techniques.

Every time you take a closer look at our highly detailed designs you find something new to discover. Our designers' work has been acknowledged with several awards, such as the "Design Preis", "Gute Form", "Spiel Gut" and others.

Handarbeit mit Pinsel
Papierstruktur Premium-Kraftpapier

Paper quality you can feel.

Our products are made from premium kraft paper. The secret to its high tear-resistance lies in the long fibres of domestic tree species such as spruce and pine. Combined with a balanced paper weight, it makes wrapping easy and saves your employees time and the annoyance of having to work with paper that tears easily. Our gift wrap paper has a typical stripe structure that can be seen and felt and that attests to its high quality. Since we perceive things only 30% through the eyes, but about 70% through the hands, the recipient can already feel the quality of our paper while unwrapping.

Quality face printing that can be seen.

The expressive, vivid look of our designs is a result of Disegno's modern production and printing processes. The result: a colour brilliance that makes our products - and with them, your shop - stand out from the rest. Our designs create affection and have an excellent long-range effect, piquing the interest of passers-by even at a distance.

Herstellung disegno Geschenkpapiere

What our customers say about us...

We could go on about what makes our gift wrap paper so exceptional, but we think it's much more fun for you to read why some of your fellow specialised traders have been using our products for more than 10 years:

"Ever since we started using your gift wrap we've been getting compliments from our customers almost daily. We're especially happy that everything matches. The shopping bags and matching gift wrap are a great combination. I can't get that anywhere else."

"Parents tell us that their kids make up stories around the designs and situations. It helps them to discover new worlds and has the added side effect of improving creativity and language skills."

"We've been using your gift wrap for many years. We're known in our town for our great wrapping paper. At birthday parties, kids can tell by the paper that the present is from our shop, and it adds to their excitement."

"Kids cut out figures from the gift wrap and the shopping bag and decorate their rooms with them. It creates new personal items, and the kids have fun crafting."

"The company logo is a great idea. I order it even if it means I'm buying a 2-year supply of shopping bags. The advertising effect is definitely worth the effort of storing the bags and purchasing them so far in advance."

"In the past I didn't care which gift wrap paper I used, as long as it wasn't too expensive. I accepted the fact that I was only getting a standard wrapping paper that wasn't anything special. We offer gift wrapping as a free service, so I didn't want to spend a lot on wrapping paper. Today I use Disegno gift wrap paper. My customers love it and praise "my paper" every day. What's more, my employees now have fun wrapping gifts again. And of course I'm happy when I see "our" shopping bags running around the city. Customers and employees are much more satisfied now - that makes the investment worth it."

"We hadn't noticed that the gift wrap roll was almost empty. We needed more paper fast. Disegno delivered by the next day. It was our salvation."

By the way, you can find a comprehensive list of references on our "Everything for Kids" portal at

As a Disegno customer we present you there free of charge and offer you another shop window for your customers.