Flower Power (40) - Gift wrap assortment

FLOWER POWER … Love, Peace and Happiness !

With our FLOWER POWER gift wrap, you will launch a wild burst of colourful blooms. You will transform each gift into a package of good spirits and pure energy: 100% Flower Power.

Therefore, FLOWER POWER is much more than “just” a gift wrap - it is an attitude towards life ! With its unique groove, it offers a joyful color, exiting retro fans just as the grandchildren of the 68's.

  • FLOWER POWER … a happy festival of colour for rebels young and old from 9 - 99 years
  • THE wrapping paper for peaceful celebrations, colorful happenings and for all who enjoy giving.
  • Hovering all-season paper for toy shops, children’s wear shops and book Shops.

These products are available for motive: Flower Power (40)

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