Exceptional gift wrapping paper for children

For specialist shops for toys, children’s fashion and children’s books. For museums, technology & zoo shops and other great shops for enthusiastic children

Here is a quick overview of why speciality retailers, in particular, love our gift wrap paper.

And, of course, the advantages for...

  • your speciality shop
  • your customers
  • the environment

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Daniel Wiechert

General Manager

Daniel Wiechert

You've come to the right place...

...if you want to use gift wrap paper to enhance your shop's public image.

Disegno gift wrap paper becomes your trademark

We offer everything you need for gift wrapping in your favourite design: gift wrap paper, paper shopping bags, gift bags, gift certificates and more. Your gift wrap will become your shop's trademark. Soon people will know where a gift was bought just by looking at your Disegno paper.

Disegno gift wrap paper becomes your best business card.

With Disegno gift wrap paper you visually underscore your shop's excellent quality and strengthen its public image. You can further increase that impact by adding your company logo as a charming way to introduce yourself to gift recipients who have not heard of your shop before.

Disegno gift wrap paper is something special.

The best compliment for the giver is when the recipient is delighted by the wrapping paper before the gift itself is even unwrapped. The buyer is happy, and the recipient may soon become a new customer at your speciality shop.

...when you don't want a cookie-cutter gift wrap paper.

Disegno gift wrap paper delights

Our unique and distinctive designs are developed by successful designers. Time and time again, they succeed in delighting children, teens and adults alike.

Disegno gift wrap paper saves time.

Tear-resistant, premium kraft paper combined with the right paper weight guarantees quick wrapping without tearing. This eliminates stress at the wrapping table, even during the busiest times.

...if you're looking for "green" gift wrap paper.

Clean manufacturing is very important to us.

100% of the raw materials for our kraft paper are sourced from sustainable forestry (FSC / PEFC certified) in Western Europe. Our printing ink is water-soluble or is used in a closed production cycle. This protects bodies of water.

Our products are carbon-neutral.

Thanks to clean energy, a freight-optimised order management system, short delivery distances and the use of sustainable raw materials we have been able to minimise our CO2 emissions. We compensate for our remaining carbon emissions by participating in reforestation projects with PrimaKlima e.V.

...if you want your goods delivered quickly.

Order whenever you like.

You can place orders with us around the clock. Our Shopsystem offers automated tips on optimising discounts and freight charges. In addition, our order acceptance department accepts orders Mon - Fri from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Fast delivery.

If you order by noon, your goods (if in stock) are shipped on the same day - and we email your order confirmation at the same time. Approximate delivery times:

  • 1-2 days within Germany
  • 2-5 days within Europe.

International experience.

We deliver to speciality retailers in over 40 countries. You can place your order in German, English, French or Italian.

Did we awaken your curiosity?

Then why not order our sample pack and experience the excellent quality of our gift wrap paper in person?

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Online shopBy the way, your first order will include your personal login details for the Disegno retailer shop as well as access to your own page on our "Everything for Kids Portal", www.kidzzz.info. More on that here.